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  • Reiki Workshops

    Reiki I and II workshops are available in September ,,,,



  • Meditation Afternoon

    Mindfulness, Meditation  and Mantras with Jan.


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  • Positive Affirmation Cards

    Have a look at Jan's new positive affirmation cards, start your day with Jan.

  • We Have Moved

    We have moved to new premises in Mornington


    Vitality Trading

    64 Watts Road

Most yoga classes will be made up for three of four different elements: Asanas- to strengthen, stretch and bring vitality to the whole body, performed with meditative awareness and adapted to personal ability.


Pranyama - working with the breath to awaken, balance and expand the reserves of prana (life force) and induce a profound sense of mental poise.


Satyananda Yoga Nidra - a simple but extremely deep meditation which systematically relaxes every layer of our being.


Meditation - to expand awareness and develop the serenity and focus needed to ride the waves of life and dive more deeply into our inner nature.


Jan brings together a number of branches of yoga so that the whole person can develop and evolve. It provides practical tools for living, with tangible benefits that are accessible and available to all.





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